Peace, Healing, and Blessings...           the Prayer Circle of Zadok...10 to pray in their own way...

All souls belong to God...

Dec 4, 2021
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If you would like to donate, then Thank you and God Bless.  It will fund the purchase of our first home for rehab, office space, or equipment and other programs like "Culture Pass and Meat in My House."  If you do not have a Church of your own try donating a tithe to yourself by opening a Sharebuilders Account or Savings Bonds for Meat in Your House in the Day of famine.

...& Love to All who Enter here...  We acknowlege the Divinity in You...Namaste.  In Yeshua we Can!!!

 Amen. Selah.  Quere hoc Signum!!!  .  .