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My Jobs experience

My Jobs Experience by Annette Buchanan-Phillips, MSPA In Cleveland, Ohio it is downtown on Prospect Ave. The Phone number is (216)881-1155. The first step was to register in person, provide documents, and attend Employment Connection Job 3 Day Workshop. It is at 1020 Bolivar Avenue in Downtown Cleveland also. I found it interesting. I was hopeful at the beginning, but disappointed along the way. At I expressed that I receive Social Security Disability due to a Behavioral Health Diagnosis. The clerk wondered if I could use a computer, even though I have a BA Notre Dame College, South Euclid, Ohio. I was treated as if I could not hear, and because I had my hair covered, I was treated as if I was disdained. I was asked by more than one person if I was Islam. Finally I said, I am an Eckist, for 25 years. They asked again and seemed to discourage my going into the program. I asked if I could use the computer to print out my Social Social Security Verification letter. I was told that was not available online. When I insisted politely, despite repeated attempts to frustrate and provoke me; she allowed me to try, and I was able to print the report that the clerk requested. When I got through the interview , I was directed to serve the 3 day workshop required. At Employment Connection the Instructor said that some of us were there to milk the system. There seemed to be the general attitude that we were a public under suspicion. I heard the word Felon repeated continually. Finally, I was told that my resume needed work after the 3 day workshop. However, while I was there, I got to sign onto the Employment Connection website and Ohio Means Jobs website. I applied for about five or six jobs. My phone has been ringing since updating my Resume which is connected to the Employment Connection protocol website. In the Resource Center, I was able to obtain information on Apprenticeship Opportunities which are paid On the Job Training. Here are a few: JATC= (216)573-0400 Sheet Metal apprenticeship: (216)267-0151 JATC Local 669- Sprinklers Filters- (800)638-0592 JATC-Pipefitters Entry Test is $35.00 (216)459-2900 980 Keynote Circle: Brooklyn, Oh 44131 Associated Builders & Contractors (440)717-0389 / (419)423-4151 / Tues & Th 2-4pm Opportunities include: HVAC, Carpentry, Electricity, Plumbing, Masonry, & Painting. Whatever the Government, Religious, Social, Mental Health, or Education program; always remember to keep a self help attitude. Get what you need, be specific, stay focused on your goal and do not let your feathers get ruffled by anyone on your path to wellness, employment, or achievement. Peace, love, light & blessings with no sorrow. Tabernacle 7.

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