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InterFaith Experience

Baha'u'llah: A Short Biography by Moojan Momen Divine Revelators Religions Holy Spirit Revelators Sabaen unknown 5000 BC Hindu * Krishna 2000 BC Jewish * Moses 1330 BC Zoroastrian Zoroaster 1000 BC Buddhist * Gautauma Buddha 560 BC Christian * Jesus Christ 1 AD Islamic * Muhammad 622 AD Babi the Bab 1844 AD Baha'i Baha'u'llah 1853 AD **Approximate dates due to historian estimates page 200 "The Prophet Baha'u'llah claimed that God through the Holy Spirit sent each Revelator as His Manisfestation according to the needs of Humanity" Contributor Statement: I felt that I could optimize my Interfaith experience by visiting these places of worship and or reading their Holy Books. I am a member of Eckankar for the past 25 years. However, I created Avodah Ministry of Salvation, which is only this website: I have indicated by asterisk (*) the organizations actually visited. "Sabaen" I equate with the earth religions like Wicca, Yoruba, and Santeria. The ladder ascends to the earliest forms of religious systems. I became interested in World Religions at Cuyahoga Community College East circa 1978-89. (Highland Hts, Ohio) I thank all of the Churches, Synagogues; (Messianic & Reformed), Temples, and Mosque that allowed me to attend their services. I could not have had this Spiritual tolerance enrichment experience, otherwise. Peace and blessings to you all for instructing me, and helping me to feel welcome. Most of all these tastes, sights, smells, sounds, and energy cannot be acquired by reading books or watching videos. Also, thanks to Bnei Baruch, UKabbalah, Transcendental Meditation & Eckankar for their inspiration. Last but not least, Swami Sri Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam motivated me to live the four Tattwas; Authenticity, Integrity, Responsibility, and Enriching. According to God's will let us one day live in Peace as One. Amen. I was born, baptised, ordained and received the Holy Spirit at the Church of the Living God the Pillar & Ground of the Truth which He Purchased with His own Blood, Inc. I also attended the Institute of Divine Metaphysical Research, where I was encouraged to seek God for myself. I was assured that He would direct my path. Now I feel cmplete, and I await His further instruction. God Bless you all. All souls are His. I thank Him for allowng me to cmplete my course and run this race with patience. Annette Buchanan-Phillips (c) 05/19/2013: 6:08pm.
Eckankar Quotes

"The Spiritual Laws of Eck"  by Harold Klemp


1. Three Basic Principles of Eckankar- page 29

    "By now he begins to see the wisdom of the three basic principles of ECK.  First, Soul is eternal.  It has no beginning or ending.  Second, whosoever travels the high path of ECK always dwells in the spiritual planes.  Third, Soul always lives in the present.  It has no past and no future, but always lives in the present moment."   

The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, Book Two  p 243


2. The Four Zoas (laws) of ECKANKAR for the Mahdis, the initiate of the 5th Circle: Leadership- No drugs or alcohol; compassion; love; preach the message of ECK.... pg 95

****I have been an ECKANKAR member for about 25 =/- years.(2213756)*****


pg 194 -Baha'u'llah:A Short Biography

"To every discerning and illuminated heart it is evident that God, the unknowable essence, the Divine Being, is immensely exalted beyond every human attribute, such as corporeal existence, ascent and descent, egress and regress.  Far be it from His glory that human tongue should adequately recount His praise, or that human heart comprehend His fathomless mystery.  He is, and hath ever been, veiled in the ancient eternity of His Reality everlastingly hidden from the sight of men." (179) Baha'u'llah, Gleanings, no. 19, pp. 46-7.


Pg 97 Baha'u'llah

Aqa Abdu'r'Rahim-i-Bushrui, one of the early believers, reached 'Akka after an arduous six month trek which took him through Baghdad, Diyarbakr and Mosul on his way to the Holy Land.  At that time the Ancient Beauty [Baha'u'llah] was imprisoned in the military barracks, which was closely guarded.  'Abdu'r-Rahim encountered Nabil-i-Zarandi in 'Akka and told him of his longing to attain the presence of Baha'u'llah. I myself have been wandering within sight of this prison for no less than nine months, Nabil replied, 'and still the portals of meeting with the Blessed Beauty have remained closed to me.'

     After hearing these words, 'Abdu' r-Rahim left Nabil and made his way to the seashore where he washed the clothes he had been wearing, let them dry, and put them back on.  He had just begun to circumambulate the prison fortifications when he noticed someone on the upper floor of the prison beckoning him from a window. He realized at once that it was the Ancient Beauty summoning him to His presence.    In great haste he reached the outer gate of the barracks, passed by the armed guards and fearlessly strode into the prison.  No one tried to stop him.  In a state of reverance and humility, he attained the presence of the Blessed Beauty [Baha'u'llah].  'Although you under-went countless hardships,' Baha'u'llah addressed him, 'never-the-less you have attained the Treasure.  Verily, we have closed the eyes of the guards that you might behold the Countenance of God and bear witness, with your own eyes, to His power and greatness.  Relate to the Friends of God all that you have seen'... 


Bahai Org

Baha'u'llah A Short Bioography

Baha'u'llah A Short Biography  by Moojan Momen

    pg 73:

          What did it profit thee, and such as are like thee, to slay year after year, so many of the oppressed, and to inflict upon them manifold afflictions, when they have increased a hundredfold, and ye find yourselves in complete bewilderment, knowing not how to relieve your minds of this oppressive thought...His Cause transcends any and every plan you devise.  Know this much: Were all the governments on earth to unite and take my life and the lives of all who bear this Name, this Divine Fire would never be quenched.  His Cause will rather encompass all the kings of the earth, nay all that hath been created from water and clay...Whatever may yet befall Us, great shall be our gain, and manifest the loss wherewith they shall be afflicted.

...& Love to All who Enter here...  We acknowlege the Divinity in You...Namaste.  In Yeshua we Can!!!

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