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Sinners for Christ

  Yes, I sinned...but I love Yahweh...I love Yeshua, and I love the Holy Ghost Shechinah....

  I am perfect as He made me...and my Spirit is every whit whole...and my Holy Ghost does not need an as it was on the day of Pentacost...St. Peter cursed denying Christ thrice before the cock crowed.  Am I any better than the Rock upon whom the Church was built; and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it.  Wasn't Saul persecuting Jesus followers, on the road to Damascus when he had an encounter with the Christ Jesus the risen Saviour?  Whose name was changed to Paul, and gave his life to preach to the Gentiles, and he was not even one of the twelve?  Am I better than Eben Shittaiyah: the Rock of Salvation?  

I am the sinner who loves Yeshuah (Jesus Christ) ha Messiach...I am no better than you...and He loves me.  He loves you too, with an Everlasting Unconditional Love.  I only try to imitate His love for me, like any child who learns by a parent's example.  Is it all that difficult really?  I bless you, because God Blessed you first.



06/11/2011 -Family circle magazine

Some Fruits and their properties

I wanted to share some good info from:Family Circle Magazine June 11, 2011 pgs. 106-110.

       Red Bell Peppers= Lutein to reduce macular degeneration

Spinach=Vitamin K-100% daily req. Calcium for bones in 1 cup.

Cherries=1 hour before bed= Melatonin assistance.

Tomato= Lycopene= guards against cancer= cook them

 corn=beta-cryptoxanthin reduces lung cancer 27%

 Broccoli= 37% protection from UV rays

 Bananas= Potassium- prevention cardio-vascular disease; regulate blood pressure.

Pineapple=1 cup manganese 128% daily requirement; sweeps aways free radicals (prevent cancer) 

carrots for heart & eyes=60% prevention for heart attacks

cantaloupe= 1 cup 113% vitamin C

Sweet potatoes= 262% =Vitamin A req. for younger looking skin

Purple Cabbage=6 times Vita C req + oxidants

 Blueberries=Brainfood 25% less Parkinsons disease.

  Beets= Sweet veggies= betalein, flush -toxins from the body. 

 Limes similar to green tea for cancer prevention; better with white tea.

 Garlic helps blood pressure, & stops platelets from becoming sticky.

 Cauliflower=K+ 3 fatty acids= helps heart inflamation, lowers risk and is anti-cancer.

Blackberries=salicylate a natural pain reliever; stomach cramps & wards off atherosclerosis.

Raisins=Boron, Estrogen, therapy during menopause.

*I could not find the contributor of this research. 

...& Love to All who Enter here...  We acknowlege the Divinity in You...Namaste.  In Yeshua we Can!!!

 Amen. Selah.  Quere hoc Signum!!!  .  .