Peace, Healing, and Blessings...           the Prayer Circle of Zadok...10 to pray in their own way...

All souls belong to God...

Being the Best Guest

  1. Where ever we go...what ever we do...we want to be the Best Guest!

     2.  We thank those that answer our questions and those that give gifts or help.

      3. We thank those that serve our food, politely.

      4.  We put our trash in the proper receptacles. 

       5.  We stay with our group and do not wander. 

       6. We ask for what we want, and save our questions for when they are allowed.

       7.  We treat others in our group with respect.   

       8.  We do not impose our will or beliefs on other people, places, or things.

       9. We are polite and kind to people and animals, and all living things.

      10. Speak words of respect and encouragement, without labeling.

      11.  Smile often, and enjoy and learn from all of our cultural tour experiences.   

       12. Say the truth without fear, and always ask for help if needed.  It builds trust and relationships when there is no fear.  

         For Memories Cameras are not always alowed; but a postcard may be available from 10 cents to a dollar.  Many places have gift or specialty shops.  We don't always have extra money, but at least we can draw a picture, write a poem or paragraph about how we felt, or just anything. 

It's the time we spend together; and the memories we make that are important to us and lasting.  They color our existence and we share what we learn and love is in the sharing.


...& Love to All who Enter here...  We acknowlege the Divinity in You...Namaste.  In Yeshua we Can!!!

 Amen. Selah.  Quere hoc Signum!!!  .  .