Peace, Healing, and Blessings...           the Prayer Circle of Zadok...10 to pray in their own way...

All souls belong to God...

Chandra-Swara School

Cleveland Museum of Art: free admission; except Special exhibits Make appointments for Groups more than 6 or 7 with two adults 1 male + 1 female for Bathroom Security escort also.  Most have Cafe, or fast food available.

Severance Hall                                             Maltz Museum of Jewish History                                 South Euclid Museum                                          City Hall Tour                                 

Natural History Museum: call for prices or click link in Hansa Research tab                                                Terminal Tower Tour                                                  
Crawford Aviation & Auto Museum                                                          Cleveland Hopkins Airport Tour                                                               NASA Glenn Research Center Tour
Cleveland Science Museum                                                                     Cleveland Metro Zoo                                                                                Old Arcade Tour
Rock Hall of Fame                                                                                  County Court House Tour                                                                           Main Cleveland Public Library
Botanical Gardens                                                                                   Cleveland Board of Education
Cultural Gardens                                                                                          County Administration Building
MOCA Modern Art                                                                                     Justice Center Courtrooms
African American History Museum                                                                                  Case Western University or Cleveland State
County & Public Libraries; 1 day per week                                                                          Career tours by interest   or    Anytime for resources...

...& Love to All who Enter here...  We acknowlege the Divinity in You...Namaste.  In Yeshua we Can!!!

 Amen. Selah.  Quere hoc Signum!!!  .  .