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The Blood of Jesus

The Blood of Jesus

The blood of Jesus is powerful because, it is the blood of God. The child’s blood type is that of the Father of it. Because Jesus had no earthly human father; and is the only "Begotten" son of God; he has the blood of God. He was born of a human mother as we are; but his Father is, was and will be God. So where did his blood come from, if not from God himself? Whose blood type would he have except the blood type of God?

He redeemed mankind from the sin and death inherited from Adam; who had no earthly father or mother, but was formed by God of the clay and spittle of God Himself. God breathed into Adam and he became a living Soul. He was Body, Soul, Mind and Spirit; and the Blood, the water, and the Spirit agree. The Holy Spirit of God; agrees with the Holy Blood of Jesus. The Holy Blood heals, sanctifies, and empowers because it is the circulating living Spirit of God within. Blessed is the Holy Blood of Jesus, which is the Holy Blood, Spirit and Water of God; and life.

ABP 06/08/2010

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