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I no longer sell Insurance. I am a STNA and DSP healthcare Worker

I am no longer licensed to sell Insurance in Ohio or Michigan. My jobs are STNA:State Tested Nurses Assistant and DSP: Direct Support Professional for the Developmentally Disabled. Meds Passer Certified. State Registry.

Harvard Risk Management


UHOne Healthcare quotes

Writings on Business

Growing the Company: Three Ways

DQ 2.1 MBA 6210- Strategy Annette Buchanan-Phillips

The three ways that Jack Welch specifies are these:

Internal or Organic growth: to cause growth by enhancing the corporate mission from within the management and team building aspects. Making goals and objectives clear and measurable, with rewards for reaching benchmarks, are a management approach. However, effective team building is the primary objective of Executive team members, especially the Chief Operating Officer.

Clearly defined employee roles make team building and motivation to increase or stimulate product development much simpler. Technological advances, and new product launches help to keep public interest in the company and its growth.

Clear customer service and support objectives and procedures enable retention efforts to succeed. Market share equals sustainability; and sustainability is the result of responsive organizational constructs and product lines.

Growth via Acquisition: Most recently, Berkshire-Hathaway acquired Cleveland, Ohio area chemical company, "Lubrizol" for approximately $9.7 billion. The acquiring company is owned by Warren Buffet who also has acquired a 10% interest in a Chinese Electric Auto company. I am waiting to see if the newly acquired company will be a manufacturer of the components for the self-re-charging auto battery, or even hydrogen fuel cells to power that type of Motor Vehicle.

In any event the acquisition strategy is more than a desire to add to Berkshire-Hathaway’s menu of products, and or services. Profitability and strategy are hand in hand.

Growth by Merger and Expansion: Another form of acquisition strategy, which may be motivated by profit, sustainability, product depth, and market share. Most mergers are in line with current services, and or products. Banks merging with other Banks, and an Insurance company, with another Financial Services company, is to increase market share in the same category, or field of endeavor.

Leadership S.W.O.T.

My Leadership S.W.O.T.: Annette Buchanan-Phillips


My greatest leadership strength is my drive to succeed. My drive comes from early upbringing; moral development, and long range vision. I learned early in life that when I fall and get a scrape, I may be given a first aid kit to clean it up and treat it myself. My mom always worked. She inspired me to cionsider my whole life as a work experience. Whether it was school, Church, or home; I was working, learning, evaluating and building.

My 4th grade teacher taught me to strive for excellence in that work; Good, Better, Best: never let it rest; until your good is better, and your better is your best. That was a little spell that colored my existence and motivated me to bench mark my every effort. whether it was planning my family budget, food allotment for a given time, or my first entrepreneurial pursuit. I live by the lessons that the Women in my life taught me, because mom and i were my whole family for my first 9 years. Everyone else in my life was support for she and I.

When I married young, she told me to accept some time as a mother, and wife and not to rush into the workplace. My first management experience, was home and family. I used every resource, Dr. Spock for the Child raising, Betty Crocker for cooking lessons, and WVIZ cooking shows, and Soap Opera's for how to be a romantic wife.

Formal education did not come for me until nearly 50 years old. My academic credentials, are not as impressive as my experiential, auditory and visual learning and the ability to evaluate what just happened here and how all of it worlks together to present a solution to whatever prevailing problem presents itself.

I am a Virgo; and it is my natural inclination to analyze everything.


The fact that I am a late "baby Bloomer" made me an antique before I really approached the employment gate; so I decided that the Entrepreneurial, and or Consultancy route is the One for me. Most people consider that a weakness, and they are HR Gatekeepers. When I go to an interview, and the person is young, I expect to get a rejection email that beats me home.

Therefore, my greatest weakness is a lack of believers, in my abilities outside of myself, and I lack the funds to make my ideas a reality on my own resources. I am my greatest fan, my greatest encouragement, and my greatest resource. I self motivate, and self approve, because i am very proud of my values, my integrity, and all of my talents, and intelligence. I respect my own capability and if no one else but God loves me, it is enough for me.


I invent. Ideas for sale, and distribution and manufacturing channels; produce income if they can be secured. The government consulting opportunities, are there, but can we get paid? It really does take a while, to build respect, certifications, inroads, contacts, and or money to pay those that have them to channel your ideas, to them fee paid. Even that is a trust issue, if funding does not come through for you, the first try, then after how many? Must i pay $3000 for every attempt? That can be a quagmire, without a benefactor with the ear of a decision maker.


Unfair competition, and Internet predators, and pirates, are the primary business threat to every American enterprise, large or small. Piracy in this country of intellectual property, ideas, and brands accounted for approximately $300,000,000.00 per year in 2004/2005 studies. Some people spend every waking moment scouring the internet and students for ideas, research, and creative copy.

ReVamped Tax code

The Tiered Simplified Tax Code:
$8,999 & below = 0% tax per person
9,000 >9,999= 1%
10,000 > 10,999 = 2% } ends -1 tier
11,000 > $40,999 = 3% tax (lower middle income)
41,000 > 70,999 = 4% [middle income]
71,000 > 1000,999 = 5% (higher middle)
101,000 > 130,999 = 6% } ends -30K tier
$131,000 > 150,999 = 7%
151,000 > 170,999 = 8%
171,000 > 190,999 = 9%
191,000 > $210,999 = 10% } ends 20K tier
211,000 > 220,999 = 11% }begins 10K tier
221,000 > 230,999 = 12%
231,000 > 240,999 = 13%
241,000 > above = 14%
Discounts 20% Marriage + 1% per child under 23 living at home
Self insurance or HSA rebate 10%

HomeSteps List 01/27/2011



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Dimensions in Critical Thinking

Dimensions of Critical Thinking


Annette Buchanan-Phillips




Part I


1. (3) Only baseball players should coach baseball.

2. (1) The student lives on a farm.

3. (1) N.S.G.R. is a reliable source on Gophers.

4. (2) Race relations are a major issue in American politics.

5. (3) Germany makes good products.

6. (2) Terrorist

Part II

Scenario 1.

1. (D) Importance of Islamic scholarship

2. (B) How did Islamic scholarship reach the Europeans

3. (A) Islamic scholarship helped create the Renaissance

4. (B) Islamic scholars helped transmit Greek and Roman scholarship to Europeans

Scenario 2.

1. (D) The diversification of American business

2. © How does outsourcing help companies?

3. (B) American business has operations overseas

4. (B) Since America already has businesses outside the country, we should continue the trend

Scenario 3.

Critical Thinking -2- A. Buchanan-Phillips

Scenario 3. (Continued)

1. (D) Declining academic rigor

2. (D) The ease of finding answers on the Internet

3. ( C ) Students need to spend more time reading books

4. (D) Libraries are harder to use than the Internet

Scenario 4.

1. ( C ) The inclusion of minorities into textbooks

2. (D) Has the inclusion of textbooks changed the Euro-Centric view?

3. ( C ) Modern textbooks reflect historical diversity

4. (B) The modern textbooks ignore the achievements of traditional historical figures

Scenarios 5.

1. (D) The thesis statement gives the paper focus

2. (A) A bad thesis statement is like landing in the dark

3. (D) A good thesis statement will help a reader understand the paper


4. ( C ) A thesis statement is like a roadmap


























Dimensions of Critical Thinking

Part III

Reflection and Review


Annette Buchanan-Phillips



















Critical Thinking: Reflection & Review A. Buchanan-Phillips






Of all the critical thinking techniques that I employ in the process of reasoning, I use the deductive method the most. When approaching any problem, question, or challenge; it is important to analyze its aspects.

Objectivity, helps to keep the focus clear, and impersonal. It is easier to visualize, all of the potential outcomes; in relation to the facts gathered as the question or problem is considered.

Once all readily apparent possible outcomes are reduced by potential feasibility, such as laws of science or physics; then the best theory is the result. This process often involves some referencing in textbooks, or other printed sources. Ideas themselves, can come from many inspirations, including magazine or newspaper articles and television interviews and news items.

You could use the funnel analogy that is popular in sales training; from a problem, question or challenge at the top, and information loaded in on the subject, a feasible solution will emerge from the end; as the product of deductive reasoning.

The key to reasonable, solutions is the supporting referencing and the incorporation of scientific laws and standard operating procedure applied using the scientific method. Good solutions don’t come out no where; but good ideas often do. Which defines the "Eureka" effect: That answer light came on for you.


S.W.O.T. Report for:

Siebel Systems


Annette Buchanan-Phillips

Ashford University

MBA Candidate

November 10, 2008

Timothy Carter, Instructor







I. Company Overview

A. A brief statement of the current "State of the Company"

II. Strengths

A. The Company’s strengths, or what is working well now.

III. Weaknesses

A. What are areas that are having a negative effect on the Company’s Profitability, Productivity, or Viability?

IV. Opportunities

A. What potentialities are apparent now that the Company has not yet employed, from what we know?

V. Threats

A. What is threatening to the good financial health of the Company?

1. Management Challenges

2. Product limitations and failures

3. Corporate culture and public persona

4. Customer relations and Marketing Challenges

5. Security Challenges






VI. Summary & Suggestions

* The Analyst’s statement and suggested remedies if any, as well as potential corrections, options, and expertise.

The Analyst’s Challenges:

1. Fees

2. Time vs. Costs

3. Quality & Formatting of Reporting

a. Oral Presentation via PowerPoints or overheads

b. Presentation handouts to meeting attendees

c. Teleconferencing capabilities

d. Written Report Submitted

to the Executive who Commissioned the Analysis


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2 Economics Papers

Scams/ Psychometry

Beware of this Opportunity to Experience the "Mega-Business System of Economic Abuse & Racism" known as "Psychometry": aka Theft at the organized Business Level.  Got the wrong change?  Bank Statements just don't add up?  Well, It's Psychometry since 1896.  Revenge for anti-Slavery beliefs.  Sooo, don't look now in this case ; You Still are slavin'.  Believe it or not.  And No you didn't really win anything, so DO NOT Deposit This CHECK!!!

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Global Managers

Developing Global Managers, Social Perception,

and Managing Diversity


Annette Buchanan-Phillips

MBA Candidate: Ashford University Online

Bus 610: Organizational Behavior



Discussion Questions:

A. Ethnocentrism is a narrow view which presumes that its culture and people are better than any other culture, or people. This view is inconsistent with the "Global Village" perspective, where all people have potential and value as "Human Capital."

Geert Hostede provided a framework for managing in the "Global Village." He implied that the national culture has an impact on employees, their work-related values, and or attitudes. He classified four distinct effects:

1. Individualism, where personal effort and contribution is encouraged and acknowledged: Versus: Collectivism, where team efforts and group achievements are rewarded, and required.

2. Power distance refers to the proximity in interaction between management and employee operatives; as well as the inequality in pay, and benefits.

3. Uncertainty avoidance, provides for specific performance goals,

Global Managers, Social Perception -2- A. Buchanan-Phillips

measures and expectations: Which are reinforced with measurable rewards, and disciplinary actions for non-performance.

4. Quantity of work output performance measures: vs :Quality of work output, as a performance measure. Quantitative data may be less subjective than qualitative data, which may be relative to manager, objectives, goals, and management style. Rewards and incentives may also be a motivating factor in whether an employee exhibits stellar or mediocre work efforts and attitude.

Depending upon the "National culture" as Collectivist; as in Japan, or Individualist as in the old United States; the management style should reflect an awareness for the cultural anthropology and established norms for any region. The "Global Business Objective" is to make a local contribution, and gain acceptance, and marketability without being considered invasive, intrusive, abrasive, and out of synch.

Blending well, is an art for a tourist; but a must for an organization. Therefore, great preparation and effort are committed to acquiring pre-location knowledge and help with local protocol and customs before embarking upon an International Corporate Expansion and Managerial mission.

B. The prevailing culture in the United States of America, at this time, is progressive in some respects. In the positive regard; we have elected the first African American President, and will have a First Lady of the same race. Our national and world wide representative, will be of the minority culture, with the first black family as a role model. For me, as for many others of my racial group, it is as much a time of wonder and cautious amazement, as it is of pride, and even trepidation.

In the negative, our financial system, is in flux; and we have been

Global Managers & Perception -3- A. Buchanan-Phillips

tottering on the brink of instability. Our banks, and financial institutions are being propped up by Federal Bailout capital investment. Our infrastructure has suffered a great deal of neglect. As we seek to provide ourselves with alternative fuel sources; we daily cope with the post September 11, 2001; presence of terrorism, and a "World Domination" Islamic Agenda.

We are not alone in that every country that cherishes freedom is under the same umbrella, shielding ourselves from the deluge of the same Terror threat. Not even one week ago, the people of the world’s largest Democracy, suffered violence and death at the hands of those being used to accomplish that ruthless goal and achieve that murderous agenda.

My priorities have changed, since terror became my daily reality. My hopes of freedom, have not; neither have I lost my love for my God, and my Country. Yet, I know that, the value of human life has not diminished; like the value of our currency. In the words of Patrick Henry; the Revolutionary War Patriarch at the birth of America: "Give me Liberty; or Give Me Death..."

"These truths we hold self evident: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness..." Abraham Lincoln; "The Gettysburg Address."

The moment, that I change my God, my belief, or surrender the American Constitution for a terrorist, that is home grown, or foreign; I have ceased to be myself. I have surrendered my values for someone else’s; therefore, I have ceased to be.

If that happens, business as we know it, will have ceased to be, as well, along with our opportunity to correct our own injustices; and mend our own fences.


Global Managers, Perception -4- A. Buchanan-Phillips

Works Cited


DeCenzo, David A.; & Robbins, Stephen P.: Fundamentals of Management (3rd Edition). Prentice Hall; Upper Saddle River, NJ: 2001.

1. ***American history quotes are from memory, and without verification. Please correct any inadequacies. Thank you, ABP.***

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SWOT for Siebel Systems













S.W.O.T Report on: Siebel Systems


Annette Buchanan-Phillips

MBA Candidate at Ashford University

















Siebel Systems S.W.O.T. Report




Siebel Systems (SEBL) Incorporated, develops and sells Business Software for Management applications. It’s market share has declined since the year 2000, from 29% to 23% . In 2001, revenues lost ground approximately 22% in the face of a recession economy. Yet It’s competitor gained 3% in the same year.

What may be an economic downturn for Siebel has proven to be an opportunity for its closest competitor. The reasons for the slide in revenues, stock values, and market share may rest in poor management objectives, strategy, and conflict resolution. Long range vision for the company, may have failed to recognize trends and modify product viability, effectiveness and efficiency in the short term.

One vapor ware program; which proved to be unfriendly to users and requiring too many patches, propelled the slide; giving impetus to the number two business applications software developer to grasp the brass ring left unattended by Siebel.


The Business Management Applications Software is a product that is not going to vanish in the future and is essential to seamless operations today. Therefore, the problems are not with the line but with the design and development, and the corporate implementation of effective strategies and efficient program engineering. The past performance of the company is what made it the market leader; therefore Siebel Systems S.W.O.T. -2- A. Buchanan-Phillips

maintaining that position requires staying ahead of the curve. The programming of any software is the result of flowchart design, and coding according to run specifications, and debugging. The founder of the Siebel Systems Corporation and its CEO is Thomas M. Siebel; who believes strongly in the company and its product capabilities.

He was an executive with "Oracle" (ORCL) Corporation; but left to form his own firm in the same software genre of Management Information Systems and Support. He brings dedication and optimism into the equation, with years of top level executive experience.

The ability to network with other companies in the industry, and plan more integration applications in cooperation with others may be Siebel’s greatest strength. Software compatibility is the hallmark and eminent domain as such giants as IBM and Microsoft; and it is a lifeline for the survival of Siebel Systems.


Failing to make accurate and adequate use of customer satisfaction survey data, in a climate of financial instability and product ineffectiveness cost Siebel its most prized asset; its reputation. In software developing and programming vapor ware or software that functions improperly, or requires too many patches and fixes is damaging to customer’s "reliability" expectations.

Siebel used customer satisfaction survey data and complaints inefficiently, and without candor, when it reported untruths regarding the results. While the survey as a tool to gauge customer satisfaction with the company and its product is invaluable; published misrepresentations are very unwise. A public relations nightmare ensued when satisfaction was 61% lower than reported, and stock prices went from $119 per share

Siebel Systems S.W.O.T. -3- A. Buchanan-Phillips

to $8.50 per share in one year 2000 to 2001. When perceived dishonesty is added to product unreliability, the challenges are great, and difficult to overcome.

Although some realignment in top level management was done it made more enmity in the market place, because of the inability to mend fences with integral competitive "Oracle" which initially provided the knowledge that gave birth to Siebel Systems. The CEO failed to provide the long range vision and ability to surf the waves of the prevailing trends or currents by selling a software design with irreparable flaws, and bugs. As complaints came in from major business customers, stating tremendous days losses due to software and consequent system failure; Siebel’s response was to hire customer service outsources to instruct customer’s to minimize their functionality expectations, and be realistic. Such a public relations response, was insulting, damaging, and poor leadership.


A great opportunity exists to implement a reorganization strategy that would focus primarily on integration systems, even if that means forming a consortium of major software development developers, engineers, programming and marketers. Although 60 consultants were retained, they did not focus on standing together, but in standing alone unsuccessfully. The focus and objectives of the consulting group were not clearly defined, but the results of diminished revenues from $1.6 Billion in 2000 to posting first quarter losses of 30% in 2001, made the venture an apparent example of mismanagement. Therefore, a continued viability analysis, and systems assessment with a feasibility study of current and future software programming objectives is essential.

Possibilities for partnerships, integration, cooperation and or sale

Siebel Systems S.W.O.T. -4- A. Buchanan-Phillips

of the corporation should all be considered as options. Primarily because an IPO at an unprofitable juncture may be a further exercise in futility. However, by including other viable and effective applications in the product line up and sharing the marketability of others, Siebel Systems may be able to regain its once respected reputation and minimize the ill effects of poor responsiveness and planning in the long term. That may mean surrendering its first place to the number two SAP or even joining forces with them, in order to stay alive and recover, rather than to fade into software oblivion.

Streamlining operations will be a collateral benefit as more tasks are shared, and even outsourced to smaller firms; which will pass along some top heavy and costly benefits and salary requirements onto those entities.

There is always an opportunity to rethink product focus and applications commensurate with prevailing trends and market research and data. While making a corporate image overhaul, and vision adjustment.


Intellectual property theft of statistical customer satisfaction survey data, which found its way into Business Week, could be the greatest threat to the company security, viability, and reputation. Industrial sabotage and espionage is very damaging to market share, and profitability.

Mishandled and under estimated significance of such data is a testament that the company is unable to correct the deficiency in its own systems, while marketing management operating systems to others. That conveys a lack of adequate software development capability. The

Siebel Systems S.W.O.T. -5- A. Buchanan-Phillips

Company’s Systems Security should always be an efficient example of its product’s effectiveness and reliability; when that is the scope of what it markets to others.

All public relations challenges must be handled quickly and effectively to minimize damage to the company’s reputation. No customers; means no business. Unhappy customers always tell more people than happy customers at a ratio of 10:3. Therefore, keeping customers happy is essential to keeping customers. Customers are kept by building trust, through honesty, product reliability, consistency and accountability. Therefore great effort must be devoted to effective customer service. It is any company’s first line of defense.

Summary & Suggestions

As stated in the "Opportunities" section, integration of Siebel Systems operations with other viable Business Software Developers, is the best course to take in my estimation. Following that course could keep the brand name alive, and allow the necessary capital and revenue to stay afloat during stormy weather.

Secondly, I would look for opportunities to divest of salable assets, minimize liabilities, and hire arbitrators to negotiate any litigation or potential litigation pro-actively. Apologies, and settlement offers can go a long way to repair damaged corporate peer and customer relationships; and minimize attorney’s fees in the short term, and going forward. Re-organization via Chapter 11 Bankruptcy without making amends in the marketplace will not contribute to a healthy corporate financial outcome.

Third, opportunities to diversify, and live should and must be

Siebel Systems S.W.O.T. -6- A. Buchanan-Phillips

explored. In any event, the feasibility of any and all software creation projects, must always be explored before they are sold or announced to your potential customers; the public.


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***We applaud President Obama and Vice President Biden for Creating a Government that is InterActive with the People.  A government of Inclusion.   

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