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Solartrynd: ReOrganization Plan


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Objective: Recovery & Trusteeship/ DIP Oversight (Ch 11 Bankruptcy)

Plan: Profitablity & Restoration Goals

Current Market trends: China has suspended production in their primary manufacturer of Solar shields due to pollution concerns.

A Recovery must include trusteeship & oversight of day to day operations with an emphasis on correcting all of the engineering or product defieciencies with no retoolng.

Retooling analysis if necessary to coorect for product quality and marketability issues. Questions to be addressed:

1. What are the defiencies that produced 2nd quality and less than usable products already created?

2. Salvage and quality correction opportunities?

3. What is the range of coreected product potentials?

4. Current marketability of the product "as is" ?

5. Is re-design necessary?

6. How fast can the improved product get to market?

7. Supply lines?

8. Distribution channels?

`9. Customer base; current vs projected?

10. Quick start production "step up" with a Freddie/Fannie REO Retrofits priority; Lease Option & short sale/ Mortgage Assumptions to alleviate vacancies and winter maintenance cost over-runs.

Costs vs Benefits Analysis

Economic Impact:

Objectives: 1.To allevate the vacancy rates and maintenance and risk management costs of currently (REO) Repossesed FreddieMac & Fannie Mae mortgaged Residential Properties.

2. To reduce federal debt associated with the same market.

3. To create employment and Jobs Act Fast Certified Green housing Inspectors, Appraisers & Installers of Alternative energy for power and environmental comfort and life support.

4. To create quick occupancy opportunities at the rate of 25% per quarter.

Jobs: We expect to create jobs in at least 5 specific areas with collateral market benefits.

1. Green Appraisers & Inspectors before and after retrofitting; with Surety bonding to Five Year Home Warranty via HomeSteps/ HomePath. (Insurance & Functional analysis)

2.Green Installers: for Electric Water heaters; outback shed furnaces, and emergency power generators.

3. Construction and demolition opportunities as whole communities are converted to green alternative energy protocols, with F&F REO's as the priority.

4. Solar Shield Industry and and Retail outlet distributors may add 10% new jobs with increased demand. Many of them have installer vendors other than via HomeSteps & HomePaths vendors.

5. All support indutries, suppliers and vendors may increase production with increased demand with a projected 10% goal.

6. End product inspections & appraisals with increased values create instant owner equity.

7. In lease /option & mortgage assumptions; the increased property values may allow new owners new refinance or free & clear options.

8. Depending on the current assessment of Federal debt attributed to this market area; 25% of this market outlay may be reduced. Based on the value of the unpaid and defaulted mortgage and support services vault costs.

***Jobs created are directly proportional to regional REO/RePo vacancy rates; and available quick occupancy population, within the target market.

Market demographic of Residential Lease Option and Sweat Equity Owners & Implementation Plan Participants by Priority:

Returning Veterans and Military Displaced Families:

1. This population has ready resources in the form of GI Bill; Relocation dollars and Mortgage guaranty programs if they are willing to increase value by sweat equity responsibilty for retrofitting tasks according to the prescribed schedule of task completion dates.

Sub-Prime Working Poor, lower Middle Class & Disabled as Home Owners:

1. This population may also be prime candidates for quick certified employment opportunities as mentioned above to create downpayment and mortgage credit escrow bank accounts for every task that they can complete on schedule.

2. Those who are disabled or otherwise employed may increase demand for other certified and bonded providers of appraisal, installation & inspection services in lieu of $5,000 invetsment. Some properties may become free and clearly resident owned; with non-transferrable 5 year Home Warranty.

The Plan with Implementation Tasks Schedule:

1. Replace Gas Water heaters with Electric water heater units. ($250-$400 with installation.)

2. Green Housing Inspection with a 5 Year Warranty issued as a Surety Bond during Retrofitting and converting to Warranty at scheduled tasks completion, with reappraisal for increased value. ($500 -$1000 for single family to multifamily residential properties.)

3. Steps 1 & 2 must be completed before occupancy and or 1, 2, & 4.

4. Inside gas must be moved to Outback Shed Furnace or replaced with geo-thermal, or forced hot water and or radiant electric heating units. If Central Air conditioner is present; a heat pump conversion will qualify. ($1000- $2500)

5. Back up Emergency power generator is required.

6.Rooftop Solar + Wind combination units, or Solar Collector shields. ($150 / 4 sheilds to $3000)

Total Projected Owner investment: $6,900.

Move In Investment with Scheduled Tasks: approx. $3,000.

***All increased value commenserate to post retrofitted homes; will increase the equity to the new owner but not the sale price with virtually no risk of increase to Federal debt. The new owner either contributed materials and work for "sweat equity" credits in lieu of Down Payment value.

Direct & Collateral Benefits:

Reduce Federal Debt

Create skilled, certified, & unskilled Jobs & Professional Careers to reduce unemployment

Reduce REO & RePo vacancy rates

Reduce homeless & displaced Veterans rate

Reduce displaced workers population

Save Solartrynd or Solendra Government Recovery Funds Investment

Reduce FreddieMac & FannieMae defaults by retrofitting foreclosures in process for energy cost reductions and recovery credits

Reduce Property management and maintenance costs

Reduce risk and insurance costs to mortgagers and owners

Provide the American Dream to the sub-Prime High Risk market by reducing their overall costs of acquistion and ownership.

Additional Data Required:

1.How many people are employed at Solyndra?

How many jobs retained?

How many jobs created?

How many Corporate installations?

2. SWOT Analysis of the Company with projections and Inventory with quality standards and actuarial, benefits, year end reports, and sales, past , present and projected tables. Profits & losses; with Salaried Staff & Hourly wage rates past, present and projected.

3. Assets vs expenditures and operating and expansion capital and Real Property valuations; with Stocks, Bonds, Notes, Accounts payable and Receivable.

4. Marketing, distribution and acquistion opportunities; post re-organization and quality control corrections, and retooling analysis.

5. Current, past and projected marketable manufactured products output; minus materials and operating costs analysis.

6.DIP Annual Report-2011 & 2012

7. Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Re-Organization Plan

Cc: Chairman Benjamin S. Bernanke

Ohio Shared Services

White House; Linked In; Obama 2012 committee

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