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The Pearl of Great Price

My new book: The Pearl of Great Price An Interfaith Journey by Annette Buchanan-Phillips, PhD is available online at for $19.99 in softcover and $3.99 as a download for Kindle or PDF (I think) Thank you, for purchasing. YHVH bless you and increase you. Amen. Acts 17:23-31
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Plan to Rebuild Detroit

 Plan to Rebuild Detroit: A Green city Model * submitted by: Annette Buchanan


   1. Demolish & Rebuild from the inside (downtown) to the outskirts and from the outskirts to the Downtown simultaneously. 

   2. All new Green Homes and or Rehab to Green Solar powered, and All Electric.  (wind Utility)

   3. Urban farm Co-Ops 1 acre home lots rather than 50 ft x 150 ft lots.

   4. Green Appraisal on all structures Commercial and Residential


  1. Auto Industry focus: Electric & Alternative fuel Vehicles

 2. Alternative Energy Quick Certify the new workers

 3. Attract Green builder plans: 2% relocation (Manufactured homes Instructors) onsite + 98% local labor  with 50% off the cost of the new or rehab for helping to build your new or rehabbed home. 

4.Solar mobile units and apt use units.

5. Public Infrastructure projects & Alternative Energy Public Utility Vehicles


 1. Online schools integration with Resource & Recreation Centers.  Library is Neighborhood hub; with houses built around it in maze like fashion for security.

 2. Universities, Virtual & physical classrooms and Specialty Vocational center partnerships with Hotels & OPM for government & energy + infrastructure 2 to 6 week education & certification projects.

 3. Streamlined Degrees & Franchise or Innovation Partnerships. 

 4. Tax abatement incentives to join the rebuilding effort.


 1. Music: Motown/ R& B/ Jazz/ Alternative & Indie ($8Billion) Mentoring;/ Personality- Green studios/ Sponsorships

 2. Arts: Theme & Arts Museums/ Galleries/ Antique & model vehicle/ Modern art/ Personality focused

 3. Venues: religious/ Restaurant/ Hotel/ Clubs & casino/ Specialty grocers/

 4. Entertainmen

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 Senior Bishop: Annette Buchanan-Phillips, MA, PhD- (American College of Metaphysical Theology)  Ordained & Licensed: Ministry of Salvation; Chula Vista, CA & Cleveland, Ohio 44135. (Avodah Ministry of Salvation; Sub S-Corp)

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The Test

Passing the Tests: To Him Who Overcomest…


Annette Buchanan-Phillips MA, PhD


            The Book of The revelations reveals to all the mystery of the 7 Golden Candlesticks which are the 7 Churches engaged in trying the Spirits of those of the World.   Each Church signifies a type of trial and a test to pass, and therefore overcome.  Each Church is a Candlestick in the center of them the Alpha and the Omega; the First and the Last. (Revelations 1:18) “…Do not be afraid; it is I, the First and the Last; I am the Living One, I was dead and look-I am alive for ever and ever, and I hold the keys of death and Hades.”  (Revelations 1:20)“ ….The secret of the seven stars you have seen in my right hand, and of the seven golden lamp-stands, is this: the seven stars are the Angels of the Seven Churches, and the seven lamp-stands are the seven churches themselves.”

            The Church at Ephesus; the 1st Test: Truth and Love.

            Revelations 2:7 “Let anyone who can hear, listen to what the Spirit says to the Churches, (Ephesus), those who prove victorious, I will feed from the Tree of Life, set in G-D’s paradise.” 

            The tests of Ephesus: Wickedness, self styled Apostles; perseverance, long suffering for my name without becoming tired; and still maintaining love now, as formerly.  The Spirit calls for repentance, if love is not maintained.

            Ephesians 4:15- “If we live by the truth and in love, we shall grow completely into Christ, who is the head by whom the whole body is fitted and joined together; every joint adding its own strength, for each independent part to work according to its function.  So, the body grows until it has built itself up in love.”

            Can a person hold onto their ability to love and not be overtaken by hatred, malice and envy; when it seems that wickedness is a constant assault against them?  It is difficult, and requires long suffering, to overcome evil with good.  Surely, Jesus (Yahshua) said that we must turn aside hatred, with love.  (Luke 6:27-38)  “…Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, and pray for those who treat you badly…”  (v.35) “…You will have a great reward, and you will be children of the Most High; for He himself is kind to the ungrateful, and the wicked…”  Patience will have its perfect work; but tribulation is what perfects patience.

            In and through the scriptures, we are rehearsed on the trials which must be overcome in following Yahshua, (Jesus Christ), the Messiah.  While we are in trouble, beset on every side with evil works, and ingratitude for our good offerings of love; we begin to acknowledge our own suffering.  Yet as we deem suffering as a blessing, that aligns us with the suffering of Christ; it is then that we offer thanks for being found worthy, blessed, and liberated (elevated).  God is Love; the more we cling to G-d as our help, our faith moves out of belief and into certainty.  Certainty comes by trust in Yahweh, as faith comes by hearing the word of G-d.  Yet all of faith and hope, are nothing without love. 1Corinthians 13:13- “…the greatest of these is love.”

            Refuse to give up on love, despite the onslaught of evil gains one the highest reward: Paradise is regained by the nourishment from the “Tree of Life.”  The same tree restricted to Adam and Eve, as a result of the original sin of disobedience, and willfulness.  That tree is the fruits of Immortality and all the Oneness of the Spirit of Divinity.  “…Love never ends.” (1Corinthians 13:8)  Repent of anger and retain your capability to love.  Love covers a multitude of faults.  “…blessed is he who is not offended in me, or finds me a cause for stumbling…” (Luke 7:23)

#2 The Church at Smyrna: Test of the Smeared Existence

            Revelations 2:8-11  “…slander of the people…”  The defamation of character; poverty and hardships cause sufferings including prison and for some, even death.  But for those that keep the faith through those hard tests, and overcome a crown of life, will be given as a prize. They will not suffer the second death, and will have no harm.  Sometimes lies and character assassination, can have tragic results.  It is difficult to hold on to faith in Yahweh to be rescued in time.  {“I know that my redeemer lives…” } “Save me O Jah for the waters are come into my soul…” Psalms 59:1

            In the face of threats as in the 23rd Psalms, when the writer says; “…yea though I walk through the Valley and the Shadow of Death…, I will fear no evil; for the Lord is with me.  Thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me…”  Hold on to the constancy of the Eternal One, blessed be He…the Creator, whose word causes all things to exist and cease to exist. 

            To those who hold fast to Yahweh, and will not surrender Christ; Jahshua, (Jesus), whatever the suffering that they endure: will receive an irremovable crown of life.  Blessed are the martyrs and servants of G-d Yahweh, who endure to the end and give up their lives out of the Love for G-d, Jesus, and the holy Ghost.

3rd Test: The Church at Pergamum: The Purging of Evil


            The evil deeds and impurities are purged away from those that persist in holding firmly to the name of Yahweh; in Spirit and in Truth.  Not following the lead of the 5 Accursed nations: the Violent, Aggressors, Anarchists, Cowardly, and the Voluptuous: will gain One the defense of God, by the sword of the Spirit, and Truth which is the Anointed Word of Yahweh.  “…to him that overcomes…hidden manna…a White Stone…a new name written on it, known only to the person who receives it…” (Revelations 2:17)

            In the 1st Anointing the Prophet is called out from the familiar to a place of solitude to hear Yahweh’s voice of instruction.  In the 2nd Anointing the voice of the Prophet cries out the message received in the 1st Anointing. Usually at the risk of death  and in defiance of fearsome enemies.  In the 3rd Anointing, the voice of the oppressor is silenced by the “Instancy” of the Power of Yahweh.  The redemption is celebrated with the surrender of the old life, and the old name. 

            Let the redeemed of Yahshua say so; Blessed are they who find the way of salvation in and through, Yahshua (Jesus Christ) the Messiah.  “…You know the way that I take, and when I am tried; I shall come forth pure gold…” (Job )  “…Bring unto me gold, tried in the fire…”  (Revelations )  “…I have chosen you out of the furnace of affliction…” (New Testament).

4th Test:Thyatira: “Thy a Tyrant”


            Blessed is the Lord Our G-d, who delivers us out of the hands of our oppressors, and out of the fist of tyrants.  This test is of sexual temptation, and false doctrines, of sacrificing life for unjust causes, and oppressing others through fear, sexual immorality, and psychological pain, caused by living inconsistently with the will, love and purpose of Yahweh.  It causes people to sin against Yahweh in the name of religion; and is something for which the Church must repent.  Yahweh will test the motives and the thoughts and repay according to the deeds committed because of them.  Those learned in the secrets of Satan; oppress those seeking to be shown approved of G-d, (Yahweh). 

            The victorious, hold on to love for Yahweh until the end. They never surrender His righteous thoughts, motives, words, and deeds.  Even in the furnace of oppression, and afflictions by the Evil Ones.  They will be given Authority over the Nations, to govern according to the right use of Yahweh’s word, and power.  To rule with an iron scepter; shattering the Evil ones, like so many clay pots.  Those overcoming the 4th test will be given the “Morning Star, ” which is Yahshua the Messiah. 

5th Test: The Church at Sardis: Sardonics

            Sardonics; is defined as: derisive, deceitful, pretenders, who are dead and spiritually asleep to the perfection in Christ Yahshua, and Yahweh.  They are deaf to the Truth of the Holiness of the Spirit of Yahweh in Christ within them.  They twisted the Word of Yahweh for their own purposes, to oppress and mislead the flock of the believers, into destruction, and misuse of Yahu Power, Word, Will, and methods.  Those must repent; or perish without reaching perfection.

            “…Woe unto the shepherd that scatters the sheep….”  Their robes of ministry are stained with the blood of the flock that they misled, and the abuses upon them Yahweh entrusted them as sheep yearning for His presence, His Truth, His Love and His Spirit.  They starved those hungry and thirsty for righteousness, and gave them rancid meat for food, with gall and vinegar to drink. They threatened, stoned and killed, preventing and forbidding those that would give

blocked their Immortal soul from liberation in Yahweh as One in the Holy Spirit.  Their robes are stained with the blood of the saints and martyrs, the ministers and prophets, that they muzzled, trying to quench the spirit of Yahweh, and his Voice, in the wilderness of our everyday lives.

            Yahweh, will not blot out the names, of those who hold to the “Principles of the Creator” from the “Book of Life.”  Those who persist to give voice to the Truth despite the muzzles of the unfaithful shepherds, will have their names written in “Yahshua the Lamb’s” Book of Life. 

            Only those misleading, and preventing the seekers of truth from Salvation in Christ Yahshua; and denying them the Presence of Yahweh, and His power, by misuse of Righteousness, and abuse of His people, His children, and followers; will have no name written in the Book of Life.  G-d forbid that His servants should deny those that seek His Face in Peace.

The 6th Test:Philadelphia:The Message, The Vision, and the Doors; the Word, the Way, and the Keys of Divinity and Immortality.  


            “…the door, no man can open; …the door no man can close…” (Revelations 3:7)  The servant of Yahweh appears to be weak to the wicked for refusing to commit the deeds of the 5 Accursed Nations, and holding fast to the commandments of Yahweh, and not disowning or renouncing His name.  It often seems that the persecutions of the Evil ones will never subside, and that their numbers, and oppressions will not wane; but Satan himself is the created of Yahweh.  Only Yahweh can destroy him, separating the soul from the spirit; and the bone from the marrow of the wicked ones, and the oppressors. 

            Yahweh is the creator, by whose word all that is exists and ceases to exist.  The Holy Spirit will comfort, and keep.  Yahweh rescues His from the snare of the fowler, and from the noisome pestilence.  As it is said in Psalms 118  “…you shall not die but live, and declare the works and glory of Yahweh in the great congregation.”  When Yahweh rescues those beset on every hand, and compassed about: His rescue is undeniable.  Only Yahweh gathers the righteous from the 4 corners of the World. (‘’’’)  Once the Harvest of the Righteous Soul’s unto Himself, has begun, the oppressor will declare “The Love of Yahweh’s rescue.” 

            To those who prove Victorious, in the test of the World: Yahweh will make a pillar in the Sanctuary of Yahweh, and it will stay there forever.  “…On that pillar is inscribed, the name of my God (Ysh Me ain); and it will stay there forever.  I will inscribe on it, the name of “My God” and the name of the City of My God; New Jerusalem which is coming down from My God in heaven, and my own new name as well.”  (Rev. 3:12,13)

7th Test: Laodicea: The Lod (I) See


            Lod: is Division, Strife Travail, contest, pregnancy, emanation, cleavage, fissure, and nativity. Metaphysically: Breaking up the old thoughts, and thought habits of consciousness, that a renewal of the mind may be accomplished.  In other words, the effort that the seemingly human mind expends in bringing forth new and higher ideas, or the strife and contention that attend the breaking up of error, so that Truth may be brought to birth, and take precedence. (Matthew 10:34) (Metaphysical bible dictionary: Unity Books; Unity village, MO: 1931, 2000.  The Charles Fillmore reference library.) “…message of the ‘Amen,’ the trustworthy, the true witness, the Principle of God’s Creation: …I warn you, buy from me gold that has been tested in the fire, to make you truly rich, and white robes to clothe you…ointment to put on your eyes, to enable you to see… I reprove and train (teach) those whom I love: So repent in real earnest.”  (Rev.3:14-22) 

            Yahshua the Messiah is knocking at the doors of your consciousness; your mind, your soul, your life, your words, your ways, your motivations, and your deeds.  If anyone lets him into themselves: to sit and sup with them at their table; they will share his throne.  He has overcome every one of these tests, and become Christed, and by his example, he teaches us to do the same.  Let him into your body, spirit, soul, and existence.  We are One with him, as he is One with Yahweh, and the Holy Spirit, that we share makes us the 4 in 1: the city 4 square, that cannot be hid.  Now we, who the builders rejected are become the capstone of the corner of the house that Yahweh built.

            Yahshua shares the throne of Yahweh, and we who overcome share the throne of his.  Twenty-four Elders surround the throne of Yahshua, to preside over the souls of Man, the nations of the world, and the Immortality of God in man, on the Earth.  Just as Twenty-One Spirits of the perfect Heavenly host surround the throne of Yahweh, presiding over the planets. 

In Conclusion


The souls of men, are as the Candle of Hashem our Elohim; and its wick is Israel the Chosen of Yahweh, of whom are sealed in their foreheads; 144,000 of the 12 tribes of Israel, 12,000 each.  The fire of the Holy Spirit glows in the adoration of the devoted, and the faith of the believers allows, the dew of Heaven, to water the Earth; that we may live, in the hope of the everlasting reign of Yahshua, in the Kingdom of Yahweh on Earth, as is the Kingdom of Yahweh in Heaven.  Blessed are they, that hear and understand, worship Yahweh, and overcome the trials of Yahshua, to inherit a share in his Kingdom and a place around his throne. 

            ‘Holy, Holy, holy, Adonay Sabaoth; the Heavens and earth atre full of your Glory!  Blessed is He who is and was and is to be.  The Holy One, the Eternal One, Blessed be He.  Worship Yahweh, Amen.  “Praised be the Lord Our G-d, Praised be Hashem Our Elohim; Yahshua Sabaoth; the faithful and true.  The worthy One; Blessed is He, and blessed are we who see, hear, taste, touch and perceive the sweet smelling savor of the Presence of the Holy One: shekinah shamashiel.  Amen.      

A Blessing

"Blessed are you, O Eternal who hears our prayers."

  Blessed are our 5 fold bodies: Eka, Zohar, Gematria, Epi-Kinetic, and Electro-Magnetic.

     The book of Knowledge: Keys of Enoch  tells why you should bless your 5 fold body.

  :311 verses 77 & 78

The 5 fold hand of G-D on Earth correspond to the 5 fold Ministries.  They are the "Fingers" as the letter Yud is the hand, and Zorovaah is the Arm.

Yahweh will gather the righteou from the 4 directions of the Earth. (' ' ' ')

Blessed be, Shalom be...

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