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                                    I am One love.

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                                    I am One love.

InterFaith Odyssey by Annette B. P.

InterFaith Odyssey by Annette Buchanan-Phillips Foreword: Inspired by this Illustration Table from: Baha'u'llah: A Short Biography by Moojan Momen Divine Revelators Religions Holy Spirit Revelators Sabaen unknown 5000 BC Hindu * Krishna 2000 BC Jewish * Moses 1330 BC Zoroastrian Zoroaster 1000 BC Buddhist * Gautauma Buddha 560 BC Christian * Jesus Christ 1 AD Islamic * Muhammad 622 AD Babi the Bab 1844 AD Baha'i Baha'u'llah 1853 AD **Approximate dates due to historian estimates page 200 "The Prophet Baha'u'llah claimed that God through the Holy Spirit sent each Revelator as His Manisfestation according to the needs of Humanity" Contributor Statement: I felt that I could optimize my Interfaith experience by visiting these places of worship and or reading their Holy Books. I am a member of Eckankar for the past 25 years. However, I created Avodah Ministry of Salvation, which is only this website: I have indicated by asterisk (*) the organizations actually visited. "Sabaen" I equate with the earth religions like Wicca, Yoruba, and Santeria. The ladder ascends to the earliest forms of religious systems. I became interested in World Religions at Cuyahoga Community College East circa 1978-89. (Highland Hts, Ohio) I thank all of the Churches, Synagogues; (Messianic & Reformed), Temples, and Mosque that allowed me to attend their services. I could not have had this Spiritual tolerance enrichment experience, otherwise. Peace and blessings to you all for instructing me, and helping me to feel welcome. Most of all these tastes, sights, smells, sounds, and energy cannot be acquired by reading books or watching videos. Also, thanks to Bnei Baruch, UKabbalah, Transcendental Meditation & Eckankar for their inspiration. Last but not least, Swami Sri Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam motivated me to live the four Tattwas; Authenticity, Integrity, Responsibility, and Enriching. According to God's will let us one day live in Peace as One. Amen. I was born, baptised, ordained and received the Holy Spirit at the Church of the Living God the Pillar & Ground of the Truth which He Purchased with His own Blood, Inc. I also attended the Institute of Divine Metaphysical Research, where I was encouraged to seek God for myself. I was assured that He would direct my path. Now I feel complete, and I await His further instruction. God Bless you all. All souls are His. I thank Him for allowng me to complete my course and run this race with patience. Annette Buchanan-Phillips (c) 05/19/2013: 6:08pm. InterFaith Odyssey by Annette Buchanan-Phillips Dedicated to: Sri Paramahamsa Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam & My daughter: Melanie Noelle Phillips, MA, PhD, My son: Reginald Gerard Phillips II, and my five Grandsons, My Brother, Nephews, Nieces & Mom, my Father & stepfather. God Bless My husband, & King and his parents, and family. Love is All. Abstract I was inspired by the ladder of Holy Spirit Revelators in the Biography of Baha'u'llah: A Short Biography by Moojan Momen. So I embarked on the Interfaith Journey of Experience. I wrote a short story called "Heidi and the Ziggurat". In it she was directed to contemplate the Sea of Experience. So she sat down to write about it. In this work I will share with you my Interfaith journey of experience; the sights, sounds, tastes, smells, and how I was touched by each one. They are all manifestations of God and His desire to give pleasure to His creation. It is His Creation's desire to know and honor Him. The greatest form of worship is to love Him. The truest form of love is to be Him. INTERFAITH ODYSSEY * * * * * * * * * "I am the Divine' says Krishna. (pg. 144) The Master says, "Thou art that! tatvamasi, You are God." (pg. 143) Baghavad Gita Demystified by Sri Paramahamsa Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam (Life Bliss Foundation, Bangalore, India: 2009. Volume 1) I liked these quotes because they say to me that I am a microcosmic version of the divine God who is the Macrocosmic deity who Created me. I agree with Krishna, and the Master that all of the world of existence is within me. Indeed I am that, likeness of God, in His Image, which is , was, and will always be. Peace, Love, and Light to All. Sabaen: 5000 BC or earlier I equate Sabaen as a form of worship that is akin to the Earth Religions, like Wicca, Santeria, Yoruba and Voodun. They made rituals to honor Nature as God's presence in their everyday lives. The seasons, the moon phases, and the Sun, as well as the stars are the visible and present God. I was never a coven member or attendee. However, I made friends and lovers of Wiccans, but not for worship or pledged allegiance to the Horned God. He was remniscent of the Pan of Roman and Greek mythology. He was native to the forest, was very sexual, and is personified by a man with antlers. His images are sometimes like a goat's body and a man's upper body and head with antlers or horns. There is a lot of sky clad ritual, with fire dancing, and physical contact. My favorite artwork of this era, is called: "Abduction of the Sabine Women" by Rembrandt which is housed at the Cleveland Museum of Art. Earth religions are a very diverse and fascinating manifestation of man's making meaning and placement of God and his relationship with divinity. There are rituals with mead or mulled and spiced wines which are purported to be aphrodisiac. Some little cakes and breads wth fruits, nuts and all the incantations, love making and dance the group enjoys to raise energy for prayer direction, focus, and sending. Art, literature, poetry, music, and film display its influence, and it is practiced in diverse forms by groups and individuals or couples. It can be a simple as flowers in the hair to welcome Spring. Celebrations according to the wheel of the year, include Vernal Equinox, Summer Solstice, Autumnal Equinox, Samhain, and Winter Solstice. Nature as divinity is the basis of Shamanism, Druids, and practicing Magicians, Herbologists, and Egyptian Cartouche and the people of Patanjali, Kabbalah and the Golden Dawn systems. Its essential principle as Man in the image and likeness of God within, throughout, and surrounding him. Masculine and Feminine are gods and goddesses. That theme carries over into later religious systems. The most like God humanity can be is to procreate another like itself, male and female. Hindu: 2000 BC The Holy Spirit Revelator of the Hindu people and devotees is Lord Rama Krishna. I visited the Shiva-Vishnu Temple of Parma, Ohio. It has spectacularly beautiful grounds, and the worship space is high above a stream, and feels like heaven. There were separate rooms for different diety and places for donations to honor each one. People or priests placed fruits and flowers at the feet of them and chant their prayers to honor them. The seating was on the floor and the prayer positions of the women was similar to the prayer style of Islam. We put our heads to the floor, in homage. Those that are able sit with crossed legs. Early I smelled, incense and flowers in the air. Later, I could smell familiar Indian dishes that made me wish that I could stay for the meal. The chants of the Priests and the people gave me a feeling of lightness, and I became absorbed in the rhythm of the voices. I really did not speak the language, but it resonated within somehow. I stepped forward with the others to receive the Holy Pada Puja waters, and they smelled like a sweet perfume. I saw the other people anoint themselves with it, and I did the same. I only spent a couple of hours with them, but I want to revisit. I was raised Pentacostal, and the juxtaposition of experience was enlightening. I was thankful to them and God for allowing me the experience. I felt enhanced, even though I did not really understand the words. Lighter, and more loving of God, in all of His aspects. These Hindu rites are the earliest form of religious Spirituality for which their is a known revelator. It is the Oldest organized religious tradition. I was and am respectful of this way, and glad that I was allowed to experience it. Next time, I hope to dine with them, the food smelled so inviting. I also had an occasion to visit the Sikh Temple of Gobind Singh in Bedford. The people were very friendly, and the surroundings were much less ornate than the Hindu Temple . There were no images of deity, and only chant prayer leaders. They shared their food with me. It was like a communion and part of the services. It was sweet to my taste, and the people sat on the floor, and I sat with them. They would put their heads to the floor prostrate to pray and were not separated, male from female. I felt at home there, even though I did not speak the language. They gave me a gift, of a prayer book. I practice Reiki healing chants, and was pleased and honored to accept the gift. I gave them a few dollars cash for my gift to them. I have always been a generous giver throughout my lifetime. Not only dollars, of which I have very few, but of time and service. I enjoy giving because it is a demonstration of the love of God as humanity for me. God is love and so am I. Divine love, as unlimited and infinite giving. The more I enjoyed the smiles, and food, I noticed less difference between us. I was afraid of people who were not professing Jesus Christ before I embarked upon this InterFaith journey of experience. My first son-in-law Rana was of the Sikh faith, and when he married my daughter he put the gold symbol of his faith around her neck, instead of a ring. She wanted the ring also, but I did not understand what a blessing that he would be to our family, until now. I feared that we would miss heaven, being joined to an unbeliever. I was not able to understand, until I experienced myself as god, and goddess. Heaven became my home, when I began to learn about the Hindu beliefs, and the high moral principles of the Sikh people. Today, I thanked my daughter for how she has helped to guide my spiritual development. I offended one of her friends asking why she insisted on all that goddess stuff. I accused her of corrupting my daughter, leading her down the path to hell. So I purposed to learn about that stuff so that I could keep the lines of communication open with her. I made the conscious decision to love my children, my family, and my romantic interest unconditionally. No matter what, or who comes or goes, i decided, to love and accept them, regardless. Instead of condemning, I asked God to teach me what I needed to learn from my kids, my parents, and the man in my life. He did, and he does, everyday. My change from within was to accept people in my life as God teaching, guiding, loving me, and building me to be Himself. Jewish 1330 BC Moses is the Holy spirit revelator of the Jewish people called Israel. The name means to cling to the Creator God. (Yahshar El) I onced attended Temple with Reformed Jews, and tried to actually convert in 1990. instead, i spent about one year actively engaged in bringing all of my Kabbalah books to life with Messianic Jews in a Synangogue within a Church. So the Temple of the Eternal Light, became the Synagogue of the Hope of Israel. The Jews who accept Jesus Christ as the Messiah, were the fulfillment of my desire to be more like Christ. I loved the songs, and the prayers in Hebrew and English displayed as Power Points so that one could read and sing along. I got to dance with the dancers to praise songs like Paul Wilber's "Days of Elijah" and sing the Psalms like Moses and David. I was living my Zohar, loving my Passover and Saturday Sabbath services. I actually began to understand the communion, whoch i love dearly, as the Seder meal of the Passover, and the Shabbat with the breaking of challah bread and the wine mixed with water of fellowship and family love. They call it Mishpochah. Yet it was a different experience, than the Shabbat connections online, with Kabbalists who are more like Traditional Jews in many observances. I love the covered hair and skin of the Ashkenazi women, and the Hebrew Tanakh old Testament and the Brit Haddasah New Testament in Hebrew. I had many books, and among them those are still favorites. The Judeo-Christian ethic is what i grew up with as Sanctified, with Kosher dietary restrictions. The bible is alive and well, in the messianic lifestyle. Zoroastrian: 1000BC I still have to find a group that practices the Zoroastrian Religion. Thus far the most that i know about them is that Zoroaster is their Holy Spirit revelator. They call God by the name of Acuru Mazda; by saying Zoam, Zoam, Zoam. Honover, is their version of Heaven? Buddhist: 560 BC The Holy Spirit revelator of the Buddhist people is Siddhartha Gautauma Buddha. I loved his story, and his most memorable and inspiring declaration: I can think, I can fast, and I can wait. His was the path of self mastery. There are no claims of divinity that i can recall from him. However, self control and the control of the human impulses is central. The eight fold path leads to enlightenment and to be without desire is Nirvana or heaven. I enjoyed the Boddhi-Sattva chanting walking and sitting. I could not acheive the full lotus position. At the last visit, I was still a meat consumer. Now that I am Vegan, the Sinsei may like me better. I am fully present, as I achieve the I consciousness from the Bhagavad Gita; with the help of my Guru Nithyananda. I often think of the loud clap of the wood blocks that stop my mind from wandering. The smell of the incense rising from the central cauldron and the sound of the gong; create a hypnotic atmosphere. At one point we walked around the sanctuary single file, no shoes allowed. Focused on the chants and the sensei's lesson; my mind would begin to drift to past and present places. Until the startling wood clap. Somehow he would know, and call us all back to here and now. The subject of his talk was "You are here." Fully present, fully aware, completely alert and self controlled. I enjoyed the pancake breakfast, no sausages. There would be no chickens, cows or pigs running around in my stomach as a Buddhist. I visited at least eight times, even though a loud pop in the back of the Temple was discovered as an exploded light bulb over my coat across the back bench. Could be an omen, to be careful not to give up Jesus in there somewhere. I began to think of common practices and doctrines among the world's religions. For certain, thus far only Christians and Jews allow for shoes in their Sacred Space. Christian: 1 Anno Domini Christianity is like a smorgasbord of tradtion, rituals, creeds, principles and practices. I grew up as Sanctified, also called holiness, and Pentacostal. We had women for organizational leadership, ministry and deacons. I never knew how unusual that was until I grew up to understand, that all of the others were male dominated. Some did not ordain women when I was a child, and at 60 they still do not. Some have communion or Last supper with wine, others with Juice or water. More or less often than others, they all seem to keep Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. Catholics seem to be the only group that acknowledges the Mother of God in the flesh as Virgin Mary. She's mentioned at christmas by most others. At least that was my experience. I was baptised in water, and by the Holy Ghost. Although Jesus or Yahshua as he is called by Messianic Jews; is the foundation of the Christian religion; he is, was, and will always be a Jew. For Christians, he was divine, born of a virgin inseminated by the Holy Spirit, and overcame physical death. He was sacrificed, crucified, and resurrected personally; and he also called back others to life who were dead. His followers are promised the same manifestations of Divine power. Many people do not think that he is mentioned in the Holy Quaran, but he is. The story has a different ending, however. Except for Catholics and some orthodox spin-off Christian based religious groups; there is no use of Candles and incense. Most use the Cross, but without a body of Christ or Corpus depicted. The bible for Protestants is mainly a King James Version; and has no Apocrypha or texts translated from the Greek. Books of Tobit, Maccabees and Wisdom are omitted from the King James Bible. Islam: 622 A.D. The Holy Spirit used the Prophet Muhammed, (Peace be upon him); for its Revelator to form the religion of Islam. I attended Mosque twice. The space is all prayer and a talk, and women pray separate from men. There are single person prayer rugs, and no shoes are allowed in the prayer space. A prayer is said, coming into and stepping out of the sacred space. Because I am a woman, I only saw that area. There was water in the common area, and the shelves for shoes were there. There was no song except the Call to prayer. The speaker, or Iman teacher who was male could only be heard behind a curtained portal, but unseen. There were no smells of food or incense, and no distractions from the prayers. All conversation was whispered and after the service. Donations went into a box. Most people don't think of the Holy Qu'ran as being in any way aligned with the Bible, but it is. I gave them a small gift of cash, and items for a fund raiser event. They gave me, a paperback volume of their Holy Qu'ran in English. There is a special blessing for those who read it in Arabic. I was amazed at the list of the Bible Prophets and characters at the front. Mary, mother of the Prophet Jesus, (Peace be upon him); has her own chapter. It tells of his Virgin conception and birth; but goes further. The Qu'ran speaks of how his mother was in danger of stoning, but the infant Jesus spoke from her arms that she was walking with him, and not alone at all. That defense from a newborn Prophet Jesus displayed his divinity immediately, not at a wedding, or after a forty day fast. Her derision came because she was alone without a man, carrying a baby. I was most impressed with the Moslem version of the Crucifixion. In it The Prophet Jesus, (PBUH); was not crucified at all, but the Holy Spirit provided a look alike for the sacrifice like in the story of Abraham and Isaac. God is called Allah, and there are dietary and dress restrictions. I admit that I was afraid that visiting a Mosque would make me an instant member, but not thus far. I explained that I am Interfaith, and asked permission to attend, before I went to visit. They graciously allowed me this valuable experience, and I thank them. It was enlightening. Note: When I did not join the Jewish faith in 1990, I decided upon Eckankar. It is considered the neutral path. I have been their member for 25 years, and am allowed another faith as well. The similarity is the Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad name of its Holy Text. Shariyah is the Arabic name for the Law. Babi: 1844 A.D The Bab is the Holy Spirit's revelator for this group of Islamic sect, which calls God by His name Allah as well. He revolted against traditional Islam, and his followers were called the Babi. The Bab is considered a revolutionary mystic. I do not know of any group in this area, so no visit was planned thus far. Baha'i: 1853 A. D. The prophet Baha'u'llah got the revelation of Allah seeing a man standing upon a prison wall after a prayer for a revelation. He wanted to see God. The man beckoned him inside, and there he found God following the Angelic guide who put a deep sleep upon the prison guard. He got the vision and Message and was able to exit undetected. His message revolves around the Holy Spirit as the provider to every age of humanity according to its need of the time. He proclaims the culmination of all religion is Baha'i and it allows for a choice of worship style, by the believer personally. It specifies worship should be done, in whatever style, every 19 days, and that all people need to seek God (Allah) for themselves. It is an individual quest; the desire to know the C reator. The numbers 9 and 19 are significant because the leadership is not distinct, but a council of nine. As I specified worship is every 19 days, and prayers are for three main reasons, help, sustenance, and gratitude. I have not visited a Baha'i Temple. It is native to Iran, the cave of Qumran, and the prophet Haji-El or Elijah. For a condensed InterFaith experience, one can find most of these on Common Threads The gospel of Thomas the apostle of Jesus Christ, said something like this: "If you bring forth that which is within you, it will save you. If you fail to bring forth that which is within you, it will destroy you." I have tried to understand this revelation, so that will manifest the Holy Spirit power that God gave to mankind. There are a great many similarities in all of these forms of worship, but still they are outward acts. I want to know God, and then be Him. We are One, in mind, Spirit, and soul. What does it mean to be One? Is it to share experience, beliefs, desires and expectations? Or is it to be without restriction, and a part of the Whole of Existence as is taught in the Bhagavad Gita? The whole of existence is within me, and I am the whole of existence. (B.G.d. by Nithyananda; paraphrased) The addage of Eckankar is that All souls are His (God's). The other texts agree, and if that is true then why is there so much division among the races, religions, and cultures? Why are there not more people embracing the Universal Oneness? In the book, the Keys of Enoch, by J. J. Hurtak; there are revealed chemical and numerical combinations for healing. Angles and grids, configurations of pyramids, and combinations of sequences, that are an attempt to understand God and Man. Many books like the Kybalion and others reveal that humans and all things exist as vibration. The Human body emits light and sound, which are measurable evidence. Science has confirmed the uses of many of these spiritual revelations to create healing devices, but when do we cross the threshold into Divinity? Jesus Christ said that All Power is in his hands. When the Holy Spirit has come into a human being, that person becomes a being of All power. God within us, and God in which we exist, live, move, and have our being is One and the same with us. In His likeness, and image is us, as we are, like a look in a mirror. Isn't your mirror image you? Your mirror image is no more the real you, than your shadow is, your actual self. The very act of worship, does not merge us with Divinity. The very act is implying that Divinity is outside of ourselves. I and my God are One, says God within me has come to be in me. I am that God that I am devoted to; we cannot be separate. There is no outside of One, no extra to All. Therefore God is all, and All is One in All. No thing, even me exists outside of Him who is All in One in me. What stops me then from creating what I will to create, or being what I will to be? Is it disbelief of mine? Or the doubt of others, willing me not to be as God intended? If it is not my unbelief, then put the doubts from the room, that healing might take place. I desire to be fully God. I expect to have power of God, and be God. So, I am. My will is God's will, by whatever name I call Him, or me. My breath is God's breath, and my presence, is God' presence. My existence is God's existence, and as it says in the Gita, "The whole of existence is me." (paraphrased) God self, Be. Kabbalah teaches that something came into being from nothing. This is alluded to in the name of God, "Ayin Sof Or" or light from no substance. If something from nothing can be, then it is up to me, or God within me to bring it into being. Shall we call it into being? Shall we just desire it with all of our hearts, and will to bestow and share with others, that which we receive? When the manifestation occurs, will we share how it came to be, as well and not conceal it? Yes, Kingdom of God Be now. Yes. Let the manifestation of God power be now. For the sake of those who do not believe. Why would anyone fear InterFaith, or label the knowlege of God in all His aspects, characteristics, culture, and revelation as evil? I can only guess that the veil of our separation from Eternal and Supernal life becomes rent in twain forever. The gate to Divinity is open to every being, whatever or never; and forever. InterFaith unblocks the way. Whatever your form of worship and prayer or if you never worship or pray but meditate and chant. The Bible says wide is the way that leads to destruction, and it is well populated. However, it goes on to specify that the narrow way to Eternal life is peopled by the few, and is difficult to find. (paraphrased) It is most difficult to find because it is the common thread of being in Oneness with the Universal Cosmology. Take one specific point for example: Heaven, or paradise. The Buddhists refer to Nirvana; or perfection to be a consciousness without desire. No desire ends all suffering of unfulfilled desire. The Bible says that the Kingdom of Heaven is within you. Eckankar says that heaven is not a place; but a state of pure consciousness. Which alludes to the three goals of Eckankar, as God realization, Self realization and access to the Heavenly worlds while One yet lives. Islam promises Gardens of Bliss for the believer, who adheres to the requirement of submission to God, (Allah). Those that study Gita, do not die, because life is eternal as our Oneness as the being of our God Self. Enlightened Oneness is Eternal Bliss. Eternal life is Immortality as cycles of birth and rebirth. The parts that wear out, are physical, and not Spirit, Soul, Mind, or consciousness. Oneness is divine Mind now, and not after death. According to the Creation story, our physical body was designed to be as Immortal and Eternal as God's in whose image we were shaped. It is His breathing into that created form that caused us animation, or mobility. God's Holy Spirit Breath caused us to become a living Soul, and to Be. Jesus Christ of the Qu'ran breathed into a bird he formed of clay, causing it to animate and fly away, saying "Be". The import of that passage is that he had a human mother, and was born as we all are. His mother (Mary), redeemed the first woman (Eve), bearing her child in pain, to fulfill the Divine plan of returning humanity to divinity, and Eternal life. Jesus Christ of the Bible, overcame death by the Crucifixion; and his mother suffered the punishment of Original sin of disobedience to God. Those punishment requirements are, obedience to a husband, being subject to her desire only unto him, and bearing children in pain. The Tree of Eternal Life was blocked from her for wanting Divinity like God's; knowing good and evil, by eating the fruits of the Tree of Knowlege. Kabbalah gave the Tree of Life back, and Hinduism gave back Divinity during life, rather than after death. Each rung of the Bahai ladder of Holy Spirit revelations, is a stairway to God consciousness, which in InterFaith we ascend and descend. Truly, One is living a little lower than the Angels, as Divine Human; the likeness of Christ as God in the flesh. Paradise is regained at last, in conscious awareness of Oneness with Divinity, fulfilling the Holy Spirit in reality. God Spirit "Be" in me, as One. We are as One; to One another. One Mind, One spirit, One soul, One flesh, eternally, is heaven to me. I am in Heaven here and now, and so is all who accept it as reality. I know that eternal life is, was and will forever be now as God created for every One, without illusions of doubt and separation from Him. Let Holy Spirit Be my One reality. Let Love Be God, unconditionally. Holy Spirit is God; and God is love. I am love. You be love too, and feel the emanation of the common unifying thread animate and reinvigorate your Holy Spirit God within. For me, Jesus Christ, is the common thread, among the monotheistic religions. The Jesus, son of Mary; Peace be upon him; is spoken of in the Qu'ran. It declares him, as Messiah, and messenger of Allah (God). He prophetically proclaims that the next Revelator of the Holy Spirit will come as Ahmad. The New Testament Jesus Christ declares the Comfoter will come, as the Holy Spirit, and on the Holiday of Shavout or Pentacost (50th day after Passover) it came to all in their own language.
Spiritual Resume

Annette Buchanan Phillips 



              Cleveland, OH

              Home: 216-272-9663




Ordained & Licensed Ministry:

Cleveland, OH August 1986 - Present 

I write and present sermons to church groups. I am licensed to perform marriages.



Notre Dame College of Ohio

Bachelor of Arts - Communications

South Euclid, OH May 1999


John Carroll University

Masters Credit (27 Semester Credits) + Passed Competency Exam in: Community Counseling

University Heights, OH  October, 2006


The American College of Metaphysical Theology

 Masters & PHD in Theology  2002 & 2008



To do God's work on earth as a Minister and Counselor, and I desire to work in the helping profession: Agape Spiritual Counseling services


Working via; Public Speaking, Writing, Presentation, Singing, Perseverance, Spiritual Counseling and Acts of Kindness in Charity towards others.



Ordained Reverend

Licensed to perform marriages, Ohio

Notary Public Commissioned, Ohio 1989-2009

OPOTC certified as Private Security, Ohio

Former: Realtor, NOAOA, Licensed Insurance Agent in Ohio, Florida, Maine, + Major Lines & Limited Lines




Novella Weston, 216-231-5703

Brad West, 216-289-2593

Elder Clarence Bramley: 440-235-7347

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Stop Now It's Prayin' Time

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Stop Now It's Praying Time by Annette Buchanan-Phillips

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Annette Buchanan-Phillips

Thu, Feb 10, 2011 at 4:46 PM
stop Now: It's Praying Time
"Blessed are the PeaceMakers for they shall be called the Children of
God.  blessed are they who are persecuted for the sake of
righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
"Blessed are you when they insult you, and persecute you and utter
every kind of evil against you falsely, because of me.  Rejoice and be
glad, for your reward will be great in Heaven.  Thus they persecuted
the prophets who were before you.
"You are the salt of the Earth.  But if Salt loses its taste, with
what can it be seasoned?"  It is no longer good for anything, but to
be thrown out; trampled under foot.
"you are the light of the World.  A city set on a mountain cannot be
hidden.  Nor do they light a lamp and then put it under a bushel
basket; it is set on a lampstand, where it gives light to all of the
house.  Just so, your light must shine before others, that they may
see your good deeds and glorify your heavenly Father.
"do not think that I have come to abolish the law or the prophets.  I
have not come to abolish, but to fulfill."  Matthew 5:5-17
"....but the person who keeps them and teaches them will be considered
great in the Kingdom of Heaven." Matthew 5:19
"Be angry and sin not." Ephesians 4:26
"Wisdom from above is gentle..." James 3:17
"By love , serve one another;..." galatians 5:13
"You shall not die, but live; and declare the glory of the Lord in the
Great congregation..." psalms 118:
"Lord if it be thy will; let this cup pass from me.  But if not Lord:
not my will, but thine be done..."
Lord YHVH, My God and father; I am now in that same Garden of
Gethsemane as Jesus was.  It seems that the World is presseing against
your people Israel; and we the Grafted in by and through Our Saviour
Yeshua ha Massiach as We are One in the Holy Spirit Breath of My
Precious and Beloved Jesus Christ.
"Hear O Israel, the Lord Our God; The Lord is One.  And I shall love
the Lord My God with All of my Heart, soul, mind and Might."   Against
the gates of Hell, I cannot surrender your Blessed name, and your Holy
Word.  Let it be unto me; according to Your Holy Will.  You are my
Way, My truth and My Life.  I don't exist without You.  Your light,
and your Love are my Salvation.  you only shall I fear.  To be absent
from the body, is to be faithful and true to You is my heart's only
desire.  Fulfill ypour Word in Me, and I have Heaven now. I am in
Heavenly consciousness and awareness, safe in the Loving Presence of
You, and it is enough for me.  Thank you for your Holy Spirit.
With Love,
Your Church & Your Bride.
Avodah Ministry of Salvation, sub S-Corp

Annette Buchanan-Phillips
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Thu, Feb 10, 2011 at 4:46 PM
"Blessed is he who is not offended in me or finds me a cause for stumbling..."   Luke 7:23
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